Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Centre is the ‘Information hub’ of the College. Separated into two luxurious spaces, students can choose to work in groups in our Social Learning Centre (more commonly called the SLC or purple room) or they can work individually in the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).




While a member of staff is constantly present in each area, library staff are there to advise students with finding information on shelves or online, using electronic resources and helping develop their studies.

Our staff members work hard to promote a good studying practice and learning in a healthy environment. We implement LRC policies which include working quietly while inside the library and staying respectful towards staff members and other students alike.

If you would like to contact us with any questions or suggestions, send us an email to: learningresourcecentre@stanmore.ac.uk 


The LRC:

We provide a comfortable, studious atmosphere with a wide range of facilities and resources including:

  • PC user zones –Internet and wireless access for connection of personal devices.
  • A large lending library of books (including textbooks, fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, poetry) and DVDs.
  • We also have a range of online resources on our Studyspace, including ‘How to’ guides, e-books and our online catalogue.

We encourage students to engage with us through book club, a creative writing club called the Writing Bubble and regular feedback and book suggestions.

We wildly promote extra-curricular activities relating to books and writing. We have created resources for budding and experienced writers, regularly engaging with students about their writing and/or reading experience.



Exhibitions are displayed in this area during the year. Some of these have included our art and media students exhibitions and Black History Month displays.




The SLC:

The social learning centre has PCs and laptops available for students to use, as well as empty tables to work in group. This great learning space is ideal for students who need to work on a presentation or work as a group on an assignment.

I don’t know how to connect with Wi-Fi, where do I go?

To the LRC. We’ll help you stay connected to the College Wi-Fi.

I don’t know my password, who do I contact?

 Drop us an email or come in the LRC and we will help you out.

I don’t know how to log in and access my Studyspace and Office 365, what should I do?

Come to see us in the LRC and we’ll help you get set up on Studyspace and Office 365 in no time!

I need a specific book but don’t know where to find it. What should I do?

Come to the LRC helpdesk and we’ll help you. Or, check our Studyspace, a link to our catalogue is available there!

I need to print something. Where should I go?

To the LRC. You can log into a PC and print your work. If there’s a problem, just speak with us!

I want to find a quiet place to read, where should I go?

To the LRC. We have a ‘Quiet study area’ ideal for reading!

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