International Students

Stanmore College welcomes international students

Thank you for your interest in Stanmore College. We are delighted to welcome international students. This provides a rich cultural, social and educational mix to our already diverse student cohort. Our courses are designed to meet the skills and qualifications required by employers and universities, giving you the best possible start to your career. Please see below information which may be of use to you. We look forward to hearing from you should you choose to get in touch.

Arriving in the UK

The UK offers a warm welcome to international students. But, as in all countries, the authorities have to ensure that everyone who enters the UK has a legitimate reason to be here. For this reason you may have to go through the following processes.

Immigration Control

  • Follow the signs for 'Arrivals' which will lead you to passport control area.
  • As you approach passport control, you will see electronic screens indicating where you should queue. There will be two types of queue: one for travellers with British or EEA (European Economic Area) passports, and another for all other passport-holders. Make sure you join the correct one, or you could waste a lot of time.
  • At the immigration control desk, the immigration officer will want to see that your documents are in order, so make sure you have them ready. In particular you should have ready your passport with valid visa or entry clearance, letter of acceptance from your place of study and evidence of your funding, such as a sponsor's letter or bank statements. Also be prepared to answer some questions about yourself, including where you will be staying and what you intend to do during your time in the UK.
  • You may need to undergo a routine health check-up which would include an X-ray. This takes place in a separate room after which you will return to immigration control.
  • As long as your documents are in order, you should be able to pass through the immigration check smoothly.
  • But in case you need any help or there is any query, inform the immigration officer to contact a member of staff from our college.

Customs Check

  • Your next step will be baggage reclaim area. You need to collect your luggage from the carousel that has your flight number on it.
  • Choose the blue channel if you are traveling from within the EU.
  • Choose the green channel if you are traveling from outside the EU.


Immigration & customs regulations for visa applications

Comfort zone -- for a safe and enjoyable time in the UK

Health & safety

National & local information

How to apply

You can apply via our website by completing an application form along with the following documents:

  • copy of current passport
  • reference letter from the head of your school/other professional (not a family member)
  • copies of qualifications and transcripts
  • a copy of your English language certificate (IELTS)
  • we will also need a portfolio of your most recent art work if you have applied for an Art and Design course (copies, photographs or CD)

Please send all the above documents by courier to:

Stanmore College
Elm Park
United Kingdom

or send copies via email

Offer stage

  • once we receive your application, it will be scrutinized as per the criteria
  • if your application is considered, we will make you a conditional offer if you have not yet achieved the final results for the most current exams
  • once you have successfully passed your examination, send us a copy of the examination grades
  • we will then send you an unconditional offer letter
  • we will also send you details about accomodation arrangements


Once you have accepted the conditional offer, you will be asked to make the full payment of fees for one year to secure a place on the course. Details of payment method will be sent to you.

Confirmation of acceptance

  • Once the payment has been received we will then generate a unique Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) reference number and send it you.
  • A CAS is valid for six months from the date when it is assigned so you need to use it within this period to apply for permission to stay under Tier 4; if not, it will automatically become invalid.
  • We advise you to apply for the student visa as soon as possible.
  • At this stage also inform us regarding your accommodation arrangements with us.

Applying for a visa

  • You will use this reference number for applying for a visa at your nearest British High Commission / Embassy.
  • You need to inform us as soon as you get your visa.

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