About us

Stanmore College was established in 1987. The College offers its students a wealth of provision, an excellent experience and top-class teaching from highly skilled staff. Based in Stanmore, Greater London, the College offers education to both young and adult learners mainly from Brent, Harrow, Hertfordshire and London.

It provides a range of vocational as well as academic provision. The College has grown within the sector by developing its higher education provision. Bespoke training is available to businesses (delivered in house or at business premises) and the College is also involved with apprenticeships.

Our focus at the College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning and an environment where all students can achieve their potential. In particular, we are committed to developing a love of learning and inspiring all learners to accomplish their personal goals whether it be university level study, career development or a new personal interest.




Mission Statement

To use innovative and high-quality teaching and learning to provide learners with the skills they need to succeed and achieve their full potential in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

Stanmore College will provide a state-of-the-art inclusive learning campus in the heart of the Stanmore community that will ensure all local people can benefit from the best possible education and training to enable them to achieve the best employability skills.

The College will be an educational hub providing a unique educational destination for local people to acquire the relevant skills, training and education to support them to access and build their career ambitions.

The learning campus will be a flexible and accessible place where staff, students, employers and stake holders can gather, interrogate, learn, gain skills and progress as well as become a lifetime member of an inclusive learning community.

At its heart will be outstanding career advice and guidance which will provide the expert information and knowledge to support people to make informed choices about their educational and career pathways, as well as an employability centresponsored by local employers.

The College will provide a core offer that builds foundation and employability skills that guarantees progression into higher skills specialisms designed to access employment and build careers. This work will be underpinned and strengthened by outstanding committed partners across a range of organisations including education and business who will bring their expertise and resources to ensure the College is providing cutting edge services.

Core Values

  • INCLUSIVE - We value all people
  • SUPPORTIVE - We encourage and support each other
  • OPEN AND HONEST - We tell the truth and do not try to deceive people
  • SAFEGUARDING - We believe in protecting people’s health, wellbeing and human rights
  • AMBITIOUS - We encourage students to exceed their expectations
  • COLLABORATIVE - We adopt multiple educational approaches
  • ASPIRATIONAL - We want to do our best to achieve a high level of success 
  • RESPECTFUL - We show consideration for others
  • INNOVATIVE - We step outside our comfort zone trying things in new ways
  • STUDENT FOCUS - We actively involve students

Our Goals

  1. Putting the learner at the heart of all college activities
  2. Promoting high expectations and ambitions for all staff and students
  3. Providing strong leadership, enabling inspirational teaching, and learning
  4. Supporting staff to deliver high quality learning experiences
  5. Creating an environment for our learners to prosper and progress
  6. Embedding equality, diversity, and inclusion in everything that we do
  7. Listening to students, staff, employers, and stakeholders
  8. Understanding and meeting local education and skills needs
  9. To deliver impactful external and civic commitment engagement
  10. To continue to be financially viable and to regularly invest for the benefits of our learners and staff  

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