English Speaking Board (International) Ltd (ESB) visit Stanmore College as one of its top English teaching providers

Stanmore College’s students studying English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) undertake the ESB’s assessments. Both the College as a provider, and the ESB, are passionate about supporting learners to reach their full potential through learning English and gaining valuable qualifications. These qualifications help hundreds of people in their future endeavours and with many aspects of their lives in the United Kingdom.

The ESB asked Stanmore College if their representatives could come and visit our ESOL students and have a conversation about how they are finding learning English and the assessments. Of course, the College agreed and Mafa Ardestani, Curriculum Manager for ESOL welcomed ESB staff, Cassie Anderson, and Liam Morton last Monday, 20 June.

Several friendly ESOL adult students met with Cassie and Liam during which they were asked questions including how the found the exam, if they enjoyed learning English, why they decided to study and how they felt it benefitted them.

The adult students informed our visitors that they had decided to study for reasons such as getting a job, helping their children, being able to liaise with school staff, completing forms, communicating with medical staff, in hospitals, and for use in everyday life in the United Kingdom.

Portuguese student, Regina, told us that, prior to studying English at Stanmore, her grammar was very poor but now she felt comfortable speaking to anyone in English and, being a single Mum, it was important for her to be able to succeed and give her child the best chance possible in life.

Student, Rasha, expressed how important it was for her to be able to speak English without help from her children and commented ‘yes, it was a challenge, but I feel confident now’. Several students spoke of their desire to help their children more and liaise better with the schools that their children attend.

Some of our ESOL students were proud to report that they were now also studying other courses, some maths, others childcare, and a range of short courses. One lady said she had obtained a job in a local nursery as a result.

The air was filled with positivity, and it was uplifting for all present to take the time to appreciate how much had been achieved and the benefits which had been greater than those anticipated before signing up to do their ESOL courses. It was clear from the conversation that, in addition to all the advantages outlined about, learning English, and having the ability to communicate better had also contributed to good mental health.

We wish all our ESOL students the very best for the future.

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