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Gain in-demand skills (and certifications) to boost your career and improve your professional and personal relationships. A series of courses designed to help you specialise your skills.

Transform your access to Education – Believe in yourself, Build your future, Become what you want to be.

Opportunities to supercharge your career. Check out the following and, if the course you are looking for is not there, have a look under Courses on our website for the full range.


Course Name Start Date End Date
Accounting, Finance and Business
NCFE Award in Employability Skills



AAT Level 1 award in bookkeeping from Feb 2024 – 12 weeks course (adult)

08.02.2024 23.05.2024
AAT level 1 award in bookkeeping 31.01.2024 06.03.2024
LIBF Level 1/Level 2 Lessons in financial education for adult learners – 12 weeks (adult) 13.03.2024 08.05.2024
CSF AIM level 3 Certificate in Live Events and Promotion 30.01.2024 12.03.2024
Level 1 Introduction to Photography 20.01.2024 02.09.2024
Essential Digital Skills Level 1



Award in Protecting Your Business Against Cyber crime and Fraud level 2 31.01.2024 13.03.2024
Certificate in Understanding Data Protection and Data Security level 2 31.01.2024 13.03.2024
AI Programming with Python level 3 15.01.2024 02.07.2024
Beginners IT 08.01.2024 05.02.2024
Beginners IT 12.01.2024 01.03.2024
Improvers IT 09.01.2024 06.02.2024
Improvers IT 13.01.2024 10.02.2024
Improvers IT for Mature Students 08.01.2024 26.02.2024
Intermediate IT 10.01.2024 07.02.2024
Intermediate IT 10.01.2024 07.02.2024
Advanced IT 16.01.2024 07.02.2024
Essential Digital Skills Entry 3



Early Years
Level 3 NCFE Award in Preparing to Work in Home-based Childcare 30.01.2024 30.01.2024
Level 4 Certificate for the Early Years Advanced Practitioner 31.01.2024 19.06.2024
Certificate in assessing Vocational Achievement level 3(CAVA) 22.01.2024


FdA Working with Children & young People level 4 22.01.2024 27.06.2024
NCFE Cert in Education and Training level 4 22.01.2024 27.05.2024
Level 1 Functional Skills – roll on roll off 8-week courses 26.01.2024 15.03.2024
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) 22.01.2024 05.07.2024
  22.01.2024 05.07.2024
Access to Nursing (Intensive) 23.01.2024 24.09.2024
Access to Science (Intensive) 23.01.2024 24.09.2024
Health & Social Care
Pearson BTEC level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care 23.01.2024 18.06.2024
Level 2 Certificate in Nutrition and Health



Level 2 Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities


BTEC level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care 23.01.2024 18.06.2024
Brush up your Maths (starts Kenmore School Dec 23) 23.01.2024 05.03.2024
Level 1 functional skills Maths 23.01.2024 05.03.2024


We also offer a wide range of distance learning courses.

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