Alumni Case Studies


       Nabeel Rehman


Nabeel studied IT and achieved an impressive D*D*D*. He is now moving on to start an apprenticeship with Barclays Bank. He stated that he most liked  Stanmore Colleges careers team as they supported him through his work experience placement which helped him to secure his apprenticeship. 

Nabeel enjoyed our table tennis facilities and described himself as enthusiastic, confident and friendly. 




      Shadia Ibrahim


Shadia Ibrahim studied Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care and achieved D*D*D*.

She said “I chose Stanmore college because it was the college my brother was attending at the time and he spoke so highly of all teachers and their approaches to teaching and how he was so grateful to have amazing people help throughout his studies and that really made me set my hopes on attending Stanmore”.

We asked Shadia what she most liked about the College.



“I liked how everyone was so friendly and kind and even if you didn’t know anyone on your first day it didn’t take long to get to know people.”

Shadia is now finishing the first year of her BSc Child Nursing degree at Buckinghamshire New University. 


Taksh Shah

Taksh Shah studied Business at Stanmore College, achieved D*D*D*, and is now doing a Bachelors Degree in Business and Management at a London University. In addition to his degree, Taksh told us that the Business study programme at College helped him to develop his own business which has been a great support for his financial costs at university.

When asked what he liked best about the College Taksh replied “the fun with teachers and peers, they felt like family – relations.”


Najwa El Amrani 

Female Engineering Student, Najwa El Amrani received offers from all her universities of choice.

Najwa chose engineering at Stanmore because she was interested in how everything works, electricity and objects and wanted to know more.

When asked what she enjoyed most about the study programme, Najwa commented “Ardinuo, which is a programming language that is used for robots, basically you make a robot based on what you programme it to do. It’s really fun. There are units in engineering that you have to work hard at such as further mathematics and thermo dynamics but you just have to understand them and get on with it. Participate and you’ll be successful.” 


Ansar Al Enizy

Ansar studied Health and Social Care Level 3 with us and achieved a D*D*D* in 2021. She is currently pursuing further studies at Middlesex University where she is enjoying the first year of a Paediatric Nursing Bachelor’s Degree.

Jenika Bhundia

Jenika finished her level 3 Business study programme at Stanmore College in summer 2018. She chose Stanmore College because it was local and was pleased with her decision as the teachers were great and she made good friends. Jenika said she really enjoyed learning about business and aspects such as marketing, essay writing and economics. She is now delighted to be studying for a degree at Nottingham University.

Jitesh Bhuva

Jitesh was also a level 3 Business student and, on completion of his study programme at Stanmore College, progressed to Hertfordshire University. In Jitesh’s view, the Business Department at Stanmore College was fantastic, really helpful and provided lots of opportunities. He said you had to work hard but the course structure was manageable.

Sarujan Tharmamoorthy

Sarujan commented on how supportive teachers had been and the friends he had made at Stanmore College while doing his Business qualification. He said the content of the study programme really helped him when he went on to Higher Education as well as gaining entry to the university itself. He is now enjoying life as an undergraduate at Hertfordshire University.

Robert Lulian Griga

Robert told us “I matured mentally, developed good social skills, built lasting friendships and learned so much about Engineering. I’m looking forward to starting my Aerospace Engineering BEng.” Robert also finished at Stanmore in Summer 2021.


IsIsaiah Dean-Joseph – Testimony for BTEC Level 3 Sport  

My experience was amazing at Stanmore where I studied sports coaching. The teachers themselves are all experienced in sport which helped as they were also able to mentor us as students, help us find jobs, and access opportunities we didn't have before. Now I'm going to Brunel University to study Sports Exercise Science.

Former I.T. student – Keiran Krishnavenan

Keiran Krishnavenan came to Stanmore College having done his GCSEs at Nower Hill High School. He achieved triple Distinction* (equivalent to 3 A*, A level grades) on completion of his level 3 Extended Diploma in I.T. at Stanmore College in 2018.

Keiran told us that the I.T. teachers at Stanmore College had helped him to achieve his grades throughout the two years. He said the course was fascinating to study and doing practicals had been really useful as it helped him to improve his hands-on I.T. skills learning how to perform certain tasks such as installing Windows 10 software and opening a computer system to remove the components and reassemble them.

Keiran is now doing a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing and intends to continue to improve his understanding in Computer Networking and I.T. projects. If he wishes, it would be just one more year at university level thereafter to top up to a full degree.

We asked Keiran what were the top 3 things he learned at Stanmore College were; responses below:

  • Respect.
  • Hard work.
  • Dedication.

Keiran said he now feels he is hardworking, dedicated and motivated. It’s fantastic to see Keiran progress into his chosen area and we wish him all the very best for the future.

Ridah Syed

Ridah Syed completed a level 3 Early Years (Childcare) study programme at Stanmore College in 2018. Ridah chose Stanmore College because, having done some research on educational providers to go to after GCSEs, she felt that the College provided the best Early Years’ courses and tuition and the atmosphere she required to help her to pursue a career in teaching.

When asked what she liked most about the College, Ridah responded…

“The friendly staff who are always ready to support you, not just with work, but with personal issues, as well as the many resources available to us at all times such as the library, laptops, T.V., the student lounge, café and the gym”.

In her spare time Ridah enjoys playing tennis.

The aspect of the study programme that Ridah liked most was doing the focus on coursework over exams and being given the opportunity to experience working with children.

Having done very well in her level 3 study programme, Ridah progressed to Middlesex University where she is currently undertaking a BA Degree in Education Studies en route to pursuing a career in teaching. She also works part-time at a nursery alongside studying and enjoys working with children and seeing them develop and grow.


We asked Ridah what were the top 3 things she learned at Stanmore College; responses below:

  • How to write a good essay.
  • How to reference documents Harvard style (great practice for university).
  • Teamwork.

On being asked who her heroes/heroines were, she told us the following:

  • Caroline Ryder (Curriculum Manager for Early Years and Education)
  • Sharon Wilson (Personal Tutor)
  • Stanmore College Library staff

Ridah describes herself as cheerful, dedicated, creative and sleepy! From the information she gave us she certainly is the first three and we are not surprised if she feels sleepy at times with everything she is packing into her busy life! We wish Ridah all the very best for the future.

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