Level 3 Access to HE Radiography at Stanmore College


Qualification Level 3 Access to HE Radiography
Subject Area Access Courses
Attendance Full Time

Course Content

A one year course designed to equip over 19s with the skills, confidence and academic qualification to enable them to progress to university. As a learner on this qualification you will be offered a coherent, integrated and supported year of study though which you will gain the knowledge, awareness, skills and confidence necessary for successful undergraduate study in a range of science and biomedical related progression routes.


  • To provide HE progression opportunities for adults who, because of social, educational or individual circumstances, do not have the necessary qualifications

  • To give learners a general introduction to the basic concepts, methods and key areas of knowledge within the core disciples taken and offer a coherent and stimulating framework within which they can broaden their intellectual outlook and make connections between subject areas

  • To help learners to develop and consolidate the various skills required to enable them to cope successfully with the demands of undergraduate study and to become independent, self-directed learners.

  • To establish a positive and supportive learning environment within which learners can build their confidence though successful learning and the sharing of their experience.

  • The course is 12.75 hours a week class context time over 3 days. At least 20 hours per week self-directed study. 35 weeks.

Course Outcomes

Gaining the fundamentals in:

  • X-Ray tubes/X-ray production
  • Medical Physics
  • Energy and Waves
  • Clinical Imaging and Radiotherapy
  • Cell structure and function
  • Chemistry: structure and properties of biological molecules
  • Human Biology
  • Introduction to matter
  • The Blood
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • Reading and comprehension of texts
  • Writing Standard English
  • Using IT
  • Statistics and probability


Learners primarily progress to a degree programme in Radiography or other healthcare related courses.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths, English and Science grade C/4 or above. Complete initial assessments in English and maths and a short piece of writing at the interview session to assess suitability for the course.


Assessment consists of:

  • Formal written examinations
  • Oral presentations
  • Formal essays
  • Written reports
  • Assignment
  • At any one time you will be working on at least ¾ different assignments all due at the same time.


Access to a computer, basic stationery.