Fund your Degree for FREE! 10/05/2017

With exam pressure looming and thoughts of University, there is little time to think about any tuition fees. That's why we've prepared this quick blog post to give you some ideas on how you can pay your way.

With this year's graduates owing an average of £41,000 when they start repaying maintenance and tuition loans, many young people are contemplating a degree may feel that it is just too costly. Tuition fees on average for three years cost in the region of £18,000. There has also been talk of tuition fees rising again for some universities. That's why we wanted to ensure that young people are aware that there are other ways to get a degree and not accrue depressing debt levels.

So what are these other ways you may ask?

1. Well, firstly, have you considered trying to find a company who will pay for your degree? It may sound unlikely to you in the first instance but there are schemes which offer undergraduates a salary and cover tuition fees. Students are also offered jobs on graduation. These are called Sponsored Degrees. Some of these programmes are changing and are being called Higher or Degree Apprenticeships. Organisations that get involved in these include Barclays, Capgemini, CGI, Experian, KPMG, MBDA, Morrisons, Nestle, PWC and Airbus among others and you can find out more about this option on the scholarship hub website and by searching online.

Many universities are working in collaboration with businesses to offer apprenticeships covering a variety of roles in industries. You can find out more about these on the student room website under 'Apprenticeship Zone'.

2. Secondly, what about a full fee scholarship? Some may be available on the Scholarship search website.

3. Thirdly, crowdfunding is certainly not an easy option though it is an interesting way to pay your fees. It would mean you are relying on the generosity of others. You can find out more about this at

4. Finally, studying abroad used to be quite a good option and usually did cost less, however with Brexit on the horizon this may not be the case for much longer.

The websites referred to above also contain information relating to the Tuition Fee Loan, Student Finance England, making money, student jobs, accommodation, student bills and deals.

Are all fees going up?

Some universities are advertising fees of £9,250, but some may decide to charge the new maximum -- it depends on your university so make sure you check their website for info.

Can a vocational study programme at College see you through to university or a Higher Apprenticeship?

Most definitely, over 80% of Stanmore College students who applied to university were given a place this year. At Stanmore College we have a dedicated Careers' Team who assist students in determining the best route for them to take on completion of their study programme. For more information check out our prospectus or contact us.