Past Early Years student visits current students



Elle came in to talk to our current Level 3 year 2 Early Years students and our T level year 2 Early Years students. 

She spoke about her time at Stanmore College that she enjoyed college , she spoke about her degree and how what she learnt at college helped with her degree as she built on what she had learnt. Elle told student’s how she had a part time job in a nursery while she studied at University.

She spoke about how she progressed through the company and her job as a deputy nursery manager and. Elle answered learner questions and gave real life examples of working with parents and colleagues. She talked about the need to follow policy and procedure and how important it is to work with parents and explain the benefits of play and how it supports learning. She spoke about the importance of the job and the responsibility of looking after someone else’s children.

Elle also spoke about expectations for students on placement and how they could make it a better experience the more they involved themselves in the setting. She spoke about the importance of professional work skills, being on time, effective communication, being organised and the need to multi-skill when working with children.  She told learners what she looks for in a good student , be involved, engage with children, be alert for children around you sitting on their own, don’t just sit with your favourites ! and how she remembers Caroline always said “ if you don’t know what to do ask someone! and go in to the setting with some ideas of activities to do, as managers love this! “ now as a manger herself she knows how true it is.

She bought her gorgeous 8 week old son to meet her previous teacher.


'It was great to see returning students who have done so well and a good experience for learners to see that they can go to University and return to Early years.' - Joanna Golebicka, Early Years teacher at Stanmore College

Students enjoyed the session they said it was interesting to hear from someone who had been to the college and then went to university and now works in Early Years.



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