Parents’ Welcome Evening 2022

Parents’ Welcome Evening was held on Tuesday 27th September. The evening was a huge success with not an empty chair left in the Main Hall; it is fantastic to see how keen the parents of our Stanmore College students are to involved and hear more about the educational experiences and opportunities their sons/daughters have at Stanmore College.

The evening started with a presentation from the Principal at 7.00pm on study programmes, expectations, the importance of working in partnership with parents to attain the best outcome for students, good behaviour, and communication channels such as the parents’ App. The Director of Student Services subsequently delivered a presentation on the services provided.

Refreshments were provided and parents were also given support to download the Parents’ App which enables them to keep track of attendance, punctuality and how their son/daughter is progressing.

The evening concluded with an opportunity for introductions with the Head of School and Deputy, Curriculum Managers and Personal Tutors in separate areas and conversations about any queries or concerns that parents may have had.

The feedback, both verbal and via the parent/carer perception survey forms given out on the evening was excellent and we are delighted to have such enthusiastic parents already working with staff towards achieving the best possible outcomes for our students.  



Our first two student ambassadors, Indrit Sutaj and Andrews Anane were easily identifiable by the Stanmore College hoodies; the students did us all proud mingling and directing parents and their enthusiasm has led to expressions of interest from other students in also becoming student ambassadors.  

👉If any other students are interested having read this, pop in to the enrichment office and let staff know 💬

Find more information on Student Life Here






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