Business students' run a Christmas Fair to remember

Wednesday 16th November saw our biggest 16–18-year-old study programme area, Business, run a Christmas Fair. This was not just to get experience of business skills and the earlier preparation and innovation that goes into such tasks but also to raise awareness of and funds for important causes and charities such as the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) and the Ummah International Charity.


With a view to helping sight seeing individuals to really understand what life can be like for a blind or partially sighted individual, attendees at the business stand were given a blind fold before trying several tasks; this really brought home not just the fear that it entails but the serious disadvantages and limited access to positive social experiences and fewer opportunities to learn vital life skills that blind people face. The Business students had done excellent research and shared how only 1 in 4 blind and partially sighted people of work age are employed, two thirds live below the poverty live and most will never have a meaningful relationship. Therefore, regular support is of vital importance.


In support of the Ummah Charity, a UK based relief organisation that runs numerous projects including Water for Life, livelihood and healthcare initiatives to communities worldwide, the students held a ‘Foodscapes’ event to celebrate the taste of food from all around the world including places such as Southeast Asia and Romania. Attendees got to experience a wide range of dishes which made a pleasant change from regular lunch times.




To add further excitement and perhaps a little competitiveness to the Fair, a number of employers were on hand to judge the best stalls. These included Stephen Brown and Antonia Major - Barclays Bank, Ketan Dattani - CEO of Buckingham Futures, Barry Mitchell CeMAP - Senior Consultant, Lightside, Jon Pentel - Pen Telecom Limited and entrepreneur, Dwayne Charles and we are very grateful to them for their time and support.  

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