What current students say about the College

• College is LIT!

• I personally feel that people should come to Stanmore because they get so much support, courage, confidence, care from all staff and students here.

• I really find it fun and rewarding.

• The teachers in Stanmore will do whatever it takes them to make you feel comfortable and they will have a one to one discussion often if you want, about what’s happening around and if there's any concerns or worries going on which I find helpful and kind of them. THANK YOU… STANMORE COLLEGE.

• I enjoy my lessons and I like how the lessons are well organised.

• The course ran smoothly, I’ve been to another college before and Stanmore is the best college or school I’ve been to.

• The teaching that our teachers and tutor provides is excellent. Our tutor is very clear in what he instructs us to do.

• I really enjoy my course especially the Sage accounting software unit. My teacher is an excellent teacher. She always helps me with in class and extra 1:1 sessions.

• First of all, I would like to say that I'm very grateful for the laptop that I received and I'm gonna be forever thankful to everyone at this College. Secondly, I got a great teacher who has helped me throughout this whole year whenever I needed help.

• Teachers are so good here, they make sure you understand the topic.


• It’s a good course with good teachers - in other words I wouldn't want to change my course at all.

• I have enjoyed the football and the college side.

• The course itself it good and it is interesting for me to learn.

• This is a spectacular college to study in; the teachers are very helpful and this College has helped me reach my highest potential.

• They have handled the virus exceptionally well.

• The work is made very clear by my teachers and I do receive excellent advice from them.

• This course has been one of the best I have ever taken, and this College has been the best place of education I have ever been to, which is an opinion I have stood by ever since my July 2019 Taster Day that I did before even starting here.

• It's going to be hard to say goodbye to this place, the past two years have been fun, informative, inspiring and very welcoming.

• There are lots of things I'll miss about this place, from my wonderful classmates to my fantastic teachers and tutor to the enrichment offers to the bursary to basically everything else, and I'll always have very fond memories of this place that'll brighten my day no matter what happens next in my life. Thank you… Stanmore College for all that you have done, and I'll certainly miss you.



• This College will always have a special place in my memories.

• I did struggle over lockdown and I am glad we are back in the class rooms now. We received lots of support and communication though and getting a laptop from the College was very helpful.

• The teachers are fantastic. Considering I have been out of an educational setting, I am made to feel comfortable enough to ask questions. The objectives are made clear. My teacher is a brilliant reflection of Stanmore College!!

• It’s an awesome college, great space, great teachers and everyone treats you so nice, feels very welcoming and there are always people to talk to when you struggle at something.



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