Join our ‘Multiply Programme

FREE If you are:

  • 19+
  • Live in GLA devolved area
  • Do not have GCSE grade 4-9 or grade A-C or a higher qualification in Maths.

All adults welcome, if the above does not apply, a fee will be payable.

Part-time (ideal if you have children at school). Also offered – evening twilight sessions.

Apply Now or email to express your interest.

Poor numeracy is a huge problem

People who struggle to use numbers may feel embarrassed by their difficulties, and this can affect their confidence and self-esteem.

They may be reluctant to apply for a more demanding job with a higher salary. Adults with poor numeracy skills are twice as likely to be unemployed than those who enjoy some competency in numeracy.

Basic numeracy skills

Adults with at least basic numeracy skills can expect to earn a quarter more than those who lack the necessary skills to solve basic mathematical problems.

If you lack basic numeracy skills you are less likely to be able to find or negotiate the best deals on financial products and therefore more likely to pay higher levels of interest on higher levels of debt so live a lower quality lifestyle. It is well documented that debt problems can lead to stress and/or depression.

At Stanmore College we believe that everybody has the ability to master basic numeracy and we will help our students to do just that to make them more employable and successful.


Numbers are everywhere and in everything

Knowing how to use numbers in a job helps you get better at learning complicated things which greatly improves your chances of progressing in your career and increasing your salary.

Here are some fun websites showing how maths is used in many industries:

Maths isn't just confined to the classroom and your workplace - the importance of calculating numbers and understanding equations can be applied into almost every area of life.

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