Committee Minutes

Audit Committee

The audit committee examines risk management, meets with internal and financial auditors and considers issues such as best value. The committee meets generally once a term and invites the principal and deputy principal to attend to answer questions.



Audit November 2021


Audit June 2021

Audit March 2021


Curriculum & Quality Committee

The committee which reviews the quality of the learner experience is now called the Curriculum and Quality Committee, to reflect the increased focus on the curriculum. Its remit is to monitor the quality of our curriculum offer in, for example, student results, but also quality of teaching and learning.

The Committee receives reports about successes and complaints, learner satisfaction, how the College attracts new learners and how the curriculum changes to meet the needs of new stakeholders.


Curriculum and Quality Committee meeting minutes November 2021


Curriculum and Quality Committee meeting minutes May 2021

Curriculum and Quality Committee meeting minutes Feb 2021

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee's terms of reference state that the main remit is to have oversight of the financial management of the College. This entails receiving regular information used to monitor the financial health of the organisation, such as cash flow.

The Committee therefore oversees anything that might affect the income and expenditure of the College, such as staffing and employment, accommodation and I.T. resources.


Resources Committee meeting minutes June 2021

Resources Committee meeting minutes March 2021

Resources Committee meeting minutes Dec 2020


Governance Committee

When it is necessary to replace a governor, it is the task of the Governance  Committee to seek suitable candidates, interview them and recommend them as new members of the Board. The Committee also considers matters surrounding how the Board works, from paperwork to legal obligations.


Governance Committee October 2021


Governance Committee June 2021

Governance Committee March 2021

Governance Committee Dec 2020

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