A Stanmore College Hero 02/07/2018

It was just a normal day for 18 year old, Tiyana Lartey...

Having left college for the day, she began her long journey back home to Cricklewood. She was heading past Morrison’s in Queensbury when she noticed that a 93 year old lady happened to fall and violently hit her head on the corner of the step. Seeing that people around her were just taking photos and laughing at the lady along with no one helping, Tiyana raised out her seat at the back of the bus and rushed to her aid.

Once getting to the injured lady, she automatically saw heaps of blood on the floor and luckily being trained in first aid from being a police cadet, she put all of her knowledge into trying to help the injured lady. Whilst trying to comfort and look after her as much as she could, Tiyana attempted to stop the bleeding with tissues that someone on the bus had given her. The bus driver called the ambulance as soon as he had realised what was happening and Tiyana made sure she stayed where she was until they had arrived.

Student Tiyana

After giving a statement to both the police and TFL, the officers offered to drop the Tiyana back home. Once she arrived home the police officer jokingly exclaimed “Don’t get into trouble again!” with a chuckle and then drove off. Who knows what would have happened if the young student wasn’t there to help!

After hearing about what had happened, Harrow Times felt it was only right to make it public on their website and give praise to this Stanmore College student.