Science learners raise money for Cancer Research

As part of the run up to the Christmas break, Science level 1 learners organise a charity event, led by their teacher Rahim Bhai, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The learners sold cupcakes, pens and badges to students and staff and raised £123.76 in just a couple of hours. This cupcakes were donated by STEM staff members, Himali, Afrouz and Vik.

A big thank you from the Science level 1 students to the college students and teachers who contributed to make it such a success.

The resulting cheque was presented, by the students, to Dauma Wilson , a representative of Cancer Research UK at the College. It was an inspiring event for all learners present during which they gained life skills. This event was linked to their module on ‘Working as a Team’ where they planned, organised, ran , evaluated, and reflected on the event.

Dauma Wilson , a cancer survivor herself, gave a short inspirational and motivational speech to the students about her journey. She commended them for fundraising and extended her gratitude to Stanmore College for encouraging and facilitating such initiatives which , in Dauma’s words is ‘ a win- win situation for all stakeholders’. Dauma mentioned that the charity is now more important than ever given the impact of the pandemic, especially on people with severe health conditions.



Stanmore student, Yousef (Science level 1), commented “ it was fun and I learned about working in teams through action”

A subsequent message from Dauma:

“I felt honoured to share my cancer journey with your level 1 students and it hopefully inspired them to continue their learning alongside charity. They should be commended for organising, managing, and working together with the support and guidance of Rahim. Their hard work and effort raised the magnificent amount of £123.76 for which Cancer Research UK are truly grateful as this money can help with any of the following:

• £100 could pay for a patient's cancer biopsy, where a tiny amount of tumour is removed with a needle to be studied in the Lab. • £125 buys 500 petri dishes in which our scientists can grow and study cancer cells. • £50 buys special chemicals called restriction enzymes, which act like molecular scissors to cut up long strands of DNA allowing our scientists to find out more about genes that can cause cancer.

So I take this opportunity to wish you and your students a Merry Christmas and a Happy and successful New year!


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