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Grand In Your Hand - Equipping You to Achieve 20/07/2016

Grand in your Hand Here at Stanmore College, we believe in supporting you to gain qualifications, improve your career prospects and make employers and/or universities want you! Our mission is to provide high quality teaching and learning so that learners ... Read More

10 reasons why college is different to school 07/06/2016

There's a big choice to make for students finishing school this summer - stick with what you know or go on an exciting adventure at Stanmore college! Here's "10 reasons why college is different to school". 10 reasons why college is different to school ... Read More

Career & Financial Support 12/05/2016

Employability We all know that the job market is competitive and experience goes a long way to getting a foot on the ladder whether it's towards a career or a university place. That's why Stanmore College doesn't just offer courses now, it's all about Stu... Read More

Do people really have careers in sport?! 12/05/2016

Yes, far more people than you may realise have great careers in sport. Just think about it, doing what you love every day! Q: What could I become? And could I go to university? A: Well, where do I start? How about the list below to begin with. Many of the... Read More

Want to be a teacher but not doing A levels? 14/04/2016

Don't despair! You might not realise that you can do a vocational study programme at college that offers a route to university and teaching. YES, you can become a teacher even if you don't do A levels! There are many ways you can train to become a teacher... Read More

Worried about your GCSEs creeping up? 11/04/2016

GCSEs are creeping up, and with that, the worry about what if you haven't done enough revision or can't remember the right answers when you're sitting in the exam. You're not alone; every year, countless GCSE students worry about their exams and, while a ... Read More

Working Abroad 18/03/2016

A qualification in beauty therapy could end up taking you around the world! A hugely popular career choice is working as a beauty or massage therapist aboard cruise ships. Imagine waking up in a different country every day, and on your days off, visiting ... Read More

Mind the skills gap! 18/02/2016

Many employers are facing the prospect of hiring young people that don’t have the required skills to succeed in the world of work. This is due to a lack of basic maths and English ability and not possessing adequate social and enterprise skills, which has... Read More

Concerned about your college interview? 12/01/2016

Applying for college can seem like a big step -- especially as part of the application process may include an interview and this may sound a touch scary. However, we are pleased to say you have nothing to worry about. The purpose of the interview is not t... Read More

Do you or your staff use Word, Outlook, Excel etc? 09/11/2015

microsoft-office-specialist-text.jpg Gain the qualification / get recognised! Businesses everywhere need staff who can use Microsoft's suite of office products in order to succeed and function efficiently. A strong, working knowledge of these programmes i... Read More

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