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Benefits of studying Higher education at a college 26/11/2019

Benefits of studying Higher education at a local college instead of University. Higher education (HE) courses don’t have to be studied at a university – over 240 colleges in the UK offer a range of higher education courses. Stanmore College’s Higher Educa... Read More

Choosing an apprenticeship route 25/02/2019

Want to work while you study? An apprenticeship is a way to gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to get into many careers and earn a salary while you are doing it. They combine work, training, and study, so you can 'earn while you learn'. Th... Read More

How can Stanmore College help you? 19/02/2019

Education and skills for the working world – how can Stanmore College help you? At Stanmore College, we are geared up to support you to step up to the next challenge in your life. We want you to be proud, to be the best you can be and we will work hard to... Read More

Best jobs 2019 05/02/2019

Have you seen the list of the best jobs in the UK which is compiled by Glassdoor in their review for 2019? If not, see below… • Data Scientist • Audit Manager • Finance Manager • Marketing Manager • Product Manager • Sales Manager • Risk Manager • Operati... Read More

Worried about your GCSEs creeping up? 04/02/2019

GCSEs are creeping up, and with that, the worry about what if you haven't done enough revision or can't remember the right answers when you're sitting in the exam. You're not alone; every year, countless GCSE students worry about their exams and, while a ... Read More

National Video Games Day! 12/09/2018

Every year on this very date, National Video Games Day is celebrated in mainly the United States but who said we can't make it as big in England? The day is filled with new games, retro games, snacks and so much more! Our Media and Publishing department m... Read More

Attendance Incentive Awards 17/07/2018

There for the taking Here at Stanmore College, we believe in supporting you to gain qualifications, improve your career prospects and make employers and/or universities want you! Our mission is to provide high quality teaching and learning so that learner... Read More

Apprenticeships – Getting the best of both worlds! 22/02/2018

Apprenticeships simply mean learning on the job, in other words getting the best of both worlds. There are so many options and types of apprenticeships out there and Stanmore College offers a range for you to get stuck into from September 2018. Many of yo... Read More

Social Media - A positive or negative impact? 21/02/2018

We can all agree when I say 'Social Media is taking over the world', right? Last Wednesday, Katherine Sellgren wrote a BBC News article about The Commons Science and Technology Committee deciding to investigate the impact of social media and screens on th... Read More

Get paid to study! 11/10/2017

Apprenticeships are a great way to get ahead on the career ladder. They enable you to learn by doing rather than learning through theory in a class room. This a much more practical way of learning as you gain first-hand experience in your chosen career se... Read More

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