English and Maths at Stanmore


Looking to improve your English and Maths?

FREE online distance learning courses allow you to gain skills and qualifications as well as allowing you to work around your daily schedule. The courses on offer are available at two levels, allowing you to choose which one is best suited for you. Start dates are flexible as there are multiple dates throughout the year.

The Open Learn free courses are divided into sections with interactive quizzes and activities. It is recommended that you commit 5 hours each week for your online study. Each online course can be completed within as little as 48 hours of study hours.

Gain a recognised qualification

There are two options available for you to choose from:

Non Qualification Route:

  • English Level 1 - An introduction to Basic English skills containing spelling, punctuation, grammar and communication skills.

  • Maths Level 1 - An introduction to basic numeracy skills covering addition, subtraction, division, basic fractions, percentages and multiplication.

  • English Level 2- More advanced than level 1, this course helps to improve on skills such as writing emails, reports and letters.

  • Maths Level 2- More advanced than level 1 this course looks at percentage change, how to convert values between fractions. Decimals, percentages, volumes, currency conversion, areas and how to calculate perimeters are all included in this course.

On completion of the course you will receive an Open University badge which can be added to your employment profile on your CV.

Qualification Route: Apply to enrol with Stanmore College for a qualification in Maths or English at Level 1 or Level 2.

Our Aim

At Stanmore College we aim to give you the skills and qualifications to get a foot on the career path in many different industries. English and Maths are essential skills in achieving this as these are the first qualifications an employer will expect. It is our aim to offer relevant courses that can help you accomplish the above.

These resources are to help students with English and maths. To undertake the qualification and gain certification you will need to enrol at the College – contact admissions@stanmore.ac.uk or telephone 020 8420 7700