SweetTree Apprenticeship Presentation 19/12/2018

SweetTree are an independent boutique care service that delivers support to people in their own homes. After 13 years of growth, they were voted not only number 35 out of 100 best companies to work for but outstanding CQC and Gold in Investors In People.

Barbara Stone (Business Development Manager) teamed up with the organisation to provide them with apprentices and, on the 17th December, she was able to present them with certificates for having achieved the qualification.

There were 4 apprentices and each was awarded with a certificate and a lovely box of chocolates.

Some words from Barbara Stone “These students worked really hard on completing these qualifications, while doing long days and night shifts, but one thing that shone through was their determination to achieve. One of the learners would complete her nightshift and still come in to her weekly session so that she would complete the apprenticeship on time. I can only call that absolute determination and all four of them deserve the recognition that they received on the 17th. When asked to pick an Apprentice of the year out of this cohort, Amanda told me it was impossible as each and every one was outstanding in their own way with unique qualities.”

Kundai Mamvota passed an intermediate apprenticeship in Adult Social Care. She mentioned “I am very happy to have passed and hard work does pay off. When I got my functional skills I didn’t have a teacher but just approached Amanda and asked to do the exam. Amanda was very helpful and always there. I am very grateful and thankful to my care manager, care co-ordinator and training manager as they were all so supportive.”

Philomena Opare and Andrei Nikolskoy both attained an advanced apprenticeship qualification in Adult Social Care.

Lastly, Adeline Christelle Marie O’Flynn attained an advanced apprenticeship qualification in Adult Social Care. She said “The whole apprenticeship was an interesting process. Amanda helped me to understand clearly how to use my skills and the experience I got from SweetTree."

three apprentices with their certificates

Amanda was so pleased to have been able to work alongside these lovely ladies. In her words “These 4 ladies have been exceptional! It was a bit of a difficult start for them but they coped so well and I really enjoyed working with them. They are extremely committed, focused, fun, hardworking and reliable. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Barbara Stone added “SweetTrees has been an outstanding supportive employer and has worked very closely with the assessor/tutor and the apprentices to ensure success. I would also like to say that this has all been possible because of our excellent assessor/tutor (Amanda Devlin) who worked tirelessly with the apprentices and who I believe is a breath of fresh air. Well done to you all, from a very proud Apprenticeship Manager.”