Supporting Black students, staff and community 17/06/2020

Supporting Black students, staff and community members

Many people worldwide are considering ways to support Black community members amid global protests against racism. At Stanmore College, we understand that many will feel overwhelmed with emotions and hurt, and some may even reach a point where they feel like people are not listening or, worse still, do not care. We openly encourage our staff, students and the community to really listen and ask for feedback on how our black students, colleagues and community members can be supported.

To the Black community, we want to let you know that as a College we do care how you feel and, if painful events in the world are causing you to become disengaged or have feelings of hopelessness right now, we understand that too. Your welfare is important to us and we want to offer you our support, because injustice and racism should not be denied, ignored or tolerated.

We want to hear the voice of our Black colleagues, students and community members: how you feel and take action to help you; whether its by simply acknowledging the hurt you are feeling and empathising; or providing mentoring for students and staff to support you with the knowledge and opportunities needed to succeed. We want to show our solidarity with Black friends, colleagues, students and families. We too want to see an end to racism across the world.