Students pledge to protect our ocean 27/09/2021

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Stanmore Level 3 Science students visited The Blue Paradox on the 22nd of September. The purpose of the exhibition was to highlight the problem of plastic ending up in our oceans and students were treated to audio and visual work of art that had a big impact.

They learned how a large proportion of our recycling is sold to poorer nations and ends up in the oceans and the impact this has on marine life. Students learnt which plastics could be recycled and how the majority are not. The students could then measure their plastic footprint based on their lifestyles and pledge to reduce the plastic they use. By signing the pledge the learners protected 1 sq km of Ocean.

In total Stanmore students and staff will have protected 50 sq km.

The learners were impressed and commented it was much better than they had expected and that they would consider careers in the sustainability sector as result.

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