Stanmore students delighted with their results 23/08/2019

Katie achieved DDD (triple Distinction) in her Health and Social Care level 3 study programme. She has said that the extra help and studying in her hour break with her teacher Debbie helped to achieve the grades she wanted. We asked her what advice she would give to other students and her reply was “ keep on top of stuff. Do your homework as soon as you get it so that you do not forget”. Katie is now progressing to the University of Swansea and is excited about all the opportunities it will bring.

Health and social care results girls

Zakari did great in his English GCSE exam! He said that his teacher helped him with revision in addition to class. His advice to other students was “Take it seriously and put things aside for this important short amount of time as it will be worth it”.

passed english exam

Janiad achieved an amazing grade of DDD* (triple Distinction*) in his vocational level 3 business study programme. We asked him what he felt helped him most during the exam period; he replied “myself, I was more motivated than ever before to pass”. His advice to other students is “put your head down and revise.”