IAB Tutor of the Year Award 2018 11/12/2018

Every year, the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB) hold awards for the exceptional people in the industry. The two awards to be won were IAB Student of the Year 2018 and IAB Tutor of the Year 2018.

The ceremony took place on Thursday, 6th December at Westminster Palace and we are delighted to announce that Helen Abari (Varibale Hours Lecturer) won the 'IAB Tutor of the Year 2018 Award! The award was to give recognition for their teaching, dedication and contribution to their students and the industry.

The award was presented by Fabian Hamilton, MP - The President of IAB. Emily Oduro (Lecturer in Law & Business), Maria Kozak (Former JCP Manager) and Helens son attended the event to support her.

The President of IAB and Helen holding the award

Some words from Helen:

"I am so humbled to have received this award and it means the world. It is also a great feeling to know that your work and efforts are recognised and appreciated. I am very proud of this achievement and hope to continue inspiring my students and in turn, I know I will continually be inspired by their great dedication and work ethic".

"It will also allow me to encourage and inspire my colleagues to adopt a similar approach to supporting their students (i.e. a holistic meaning, taking the student as a whole, considering their personal life, personal challenges, personal beliefs, etc - i.e. anything that can impact their learning)".

Everyone with their certificated and awards