Health and Social Care Students Awards Event 02/07/2019

Health and Social Care Students’ Awards Event

Tuesday, 2nd July 2019

Deputy Head of School, Ike Odina, and Health and Social staff hosted an end of year Awards’ Event in the Main Hall on Tuesday, 2nd July.

Awards ranged from having shown an excellent attitude; so important for everything in life, good behaviour, respect and commitment. Ike told the students how great it was to see individuals who are really committed to something; it makes such a difference in every aspect of life. There was even a former student present, already studying at University, sitting in the audience who was living evidence that good attendance, punctuality, academic excellence and perseverance leads to success.

The students heard how perseverance is all about character and Ike remarked on a new word he had recently come across, ‘stickability’, which had not yet reached the dictionaries but explained it quite well – you’ve simply got to stick with it! Ike empathised with all present that life is not always easy but, with perseverance, and working with other people, not against, good things do happen.

Students proudly received their awards amid rampant applause.

Health and Social Care Students’ Awards Event

Blushes abounded as Health and Social Care staff, Jane O’Grady, Susan Whelan, Elizabeth Georgiou and Jacob Agbaniyaka were presented with flowers from students for their assistance throughout the year.

The event concluded with student Alina Pintea standing on stage to give a vote of thanks to the teachers and the College. Alina started by saying how grateful she felt for the friends she had made and teachers she had had over the last two years at Stanmore College. She clearly recalled her first day at College having formerly gone to The Sacred Heart Language College where she had undertaken her GCSEs.

Alina had planned to go to a different college/sixth form, however after just two days of induction at Stanmore College she realised this was where she wanted to be and how felt she had already begun to fit in. Alina told us how glad she was that she had attended the induction and stayed and she felt blessed for having made the decision to study at Stanmore. She now looks forward to studying midwifery at Hertfordshire University next year.

We wish Alina and all the Health and Social Care students all the very best and look forward to welcoming a new intake of Health and Social Care students to Stanmore in August and, of course, our returners.