Level 1 IT Users

Qualification Level 1 IT Users
Subject Area Information Technology
Attendance Full Time
Age Group(s) 16-18 year olds

Course Content

  • Developing the skills needed for employment.
  • Gaining practical experience and competence with contemporary technologies including programming where appropriate.
  • Developing practical skills in creativity and problem solving.
  • Developing an understanding of the social and commercial impact of IT.
  • Developing an understainding of the legal, social, economic, ethical and environmental issues raised by IT.
  • Developing safe, secure and responsible practice when using IT including reducing risk.

Course Outcomes

This level 1 course allows students to undertake both IT User Skills and Computing units.

Therefore it is an excellent way for learners to not only understand the difference between the two strands but make an informed decision as to the area of interest and progression.

Learners will study units such as:

  • Website software
  • IT Security software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Word Processing Software
  • Email Software
  • Internet security for IT users


Progress to a Level 2 course.

Entry Requirements

4 GCSEs grade 2 or above


Evidence has to be provided aganst the unit assessment criteria from practical tasks related to the learners' everyday work supported by IT. This will be through internal assignments and verification by the external moderator.


Access to a computer or laptop and basic stationery.

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