Dance, Fitness and Wellbeing at Stanmore College


Qualification Dance, Fitness and Wellbeing
Subject Area Short Courses
Attendance Part Time

Course Content

This course is designed to dance to music, incorporating 4-5 different steps into each song and to have fun with it! It will help to build stamina, get fit, relax and learn basic dance routines. The lesson will incorporate a range of low-medium-high impact dance workouts.

By the end of each class, we will stretch and cool down, ensuring muscle relaxation and flexibility.

Course Outcomes

Learn dance routines, move the body, get mentally and physically fit, make friends and build stamina and endurance.


On to more advanced dance routines.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, only an interest in dance. Must disclose any health issues to the tutor prior to starting the course This is a short course and at least 90 % attendance is required.


Informal assessment by tutor will be carried out throughout the course. During the course, you will be required to give feedback and complete a short questionnaire at the end of the course.


A small towel, hand gel, bottle of water, loose comfortable gym outfit, good trainers with arch support and anything else you feel would benefit you during a full hour’s dance workout.