Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management (ILM) at Stanmore College


Qualification Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management (ILM)
Subject Area Business Studies
Attendance Part Time

Course Content

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management will provide you with the business knowledge and management skills required to become a successful first line manager, such as effective leadership and how to build an efficient team using motivation, communication and feedback.

The Level 3 Leadership and Management course is suitable for managers, team leaders or supervisors who have had little to no training, but would like to formalise their skills and develop as a leader. Studying with ILM allows you to choose from a wide range of units, so you can tailor your qualification to your individual needs and career aspirations. The ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management is a detailed qualification designed to give you a strong foundation of skills to be a successful leader.

Course Outcomes

The Art of Effective Leadership

  • The difference between leadership and management
  • The role of trust and respect in effective team leadership
  • Identifying your leadership style

Building a Successful Team

  • The key characteristics of groups and teams
  • The stages of team development and the practical actions a manager can take
  • The dynamics of effective teams
  • Team roles
  • Building a balanced team to achieve SMART objectives

The Communication Process

  • The importance of open communication
  • Communication using empathy and building effective relationships in the team
  • Keeping your team informed
  • Using social/behavioural styles effectively
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • The effects of attitudes, perception and cultures on interpretation when communicating in the workplace

Motivating the Team • Put motivational theory into practice • Explore key motivators • Find out what motivates your team Giving and Receiving Feedback

• The importance of feedback to improve communication and performance • Feedback techniques to motivate and increase performance • Inviting and accepting feedback to improve your own performance Conflict Management

• Identify causes of conflict at work • Describe the stages in the development of conflict • Explain the effects of conflict on individual and team performance at work • Explain a recognised technique to minimise and resolve conflict in the workplace • Describe how to promote a positive atmosphere in order to minimise the adverse effects of conflict in the workplace


Level 4 in management

Entry Requirements

4 grade 4’s of C’s including English


Coursework assignment on each module


There are no specific resource requirements for this qualification.