Coronavirus Guidance

Communication tools for students and staff

Students: we will continue to support you online and focus on communication, access to learning resources, online teaching and virtual learning, keeping you safe online whilst working from home, and ensuring your well-being. We will be keeping you up to date by email and other means during this period. The Stanmore College App can be used messaging between learners and staff. This can be accessed via mobile app stores or a web browser: Stanmore App enables you to view your timetable and other information. The College’s Virtual Learning Environment, StudySpace will be used for delivering online course materials and assignments. Microsoft Teams will be used for virtual classrooms. You can install it on your phone via the app stores, any desktop or laptop computer, or you can access it via the web.More Information on Microsoft Teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Existing students please scroll down)

Applicants for 2020/21 Academic Year

Q: I have not attended an interview. How will I be offered a place?

A: Teachers are trying to contact those who did not have an opportunity to attend an interview before the locked to conduct interviews over the telephone. You should receive a telephone call before mid-May. For those who apply later they will be contacted after receipt of their application.

Q: What is the deadline to accept/decline the offer?

A: We request that you confirm your during the telephone interview.

Q: I also have offer(s) from other school/college(s), what should I do?

A: You can accept offers at more than one college or sixth form to keep your options until you have GCSE results, if you wish.

Q: What should I do if I do not receive a call/telephone interview.

A: If you do not receive a call it may be because the College does not have a correct telephone number for you or it may not have been entered on your application form. You can email your telephone number, full name, date of birth and state which study programme you applied for to and they will update your application. The College will still make every effort to contact you.

Q: If my GCSE grades are not high enough for a Level 3 study programme at Stanmore College can I still enrol and do the subject I wish to study?

A: Yes you will be able to enrol but we will only make the final decision on the level of the study programme you enrol on at enrolment which starts on GCSE results day. If you meet or exceed your GCSE entry requirements and meet any other stated requirements of your study programme, you will be invited to enrol on the most appropriate level for you.

Q: I changed my mind and want to study something else. What should I do now?

A: If you email the College will update your record so the correct subject teacher contacts you to interview you for your chosen subject. If you have changed your mind since being interviewed don’t worry, you can be reinterviewed for the subject you now wish to do at enrolment.

Q: When will I receive information about how I should enrol?

A: You will be sent a letter from the College in July 2020 inviting you to enrol in August and outlining when you should go to the College and what you will need to bring with you. Enrolment starts on GCSE results day which is 20th August and goes on for a number of days.

Q: College day is 9:00am - 5:00pm - do I have to be onsite for all of this time if I do not have lessons?

A: You will receive your timetable after enrolling. The number of hours you do depends on the study programme you are undertaking. This will include English and maths if you did not achieve a grade 4 or above in in your GCSEs. You may also have enrichment, trips, industry placement or work experience on other days too.
In between lessons you will have time for personal study, homework, revision… not “FREE” time! If there is a whole day or half day when you have no lessons then you do not need to be on site.

Q: Will I be required to come to College every day or will there be day(s) off?

A: Yes - your timetable will cover Mon-Fri but not every class of every day; you will have scheduled "classroom" lessons for 15-20 hours per week (out of a possible 25).

Q: Can I progress to university after completion of a study programme?

A: Absolutely! Over 80% of our students progress to universities all over the UK. We also have a partnership with The University of Portsmouth and we offer HNDs in Computing and Business and Foundation Degrees in Early Years which are delivered at Stanmore College itself. Our students go on to fantastic careers. A level 3 study programme is equivalent to 3 A levels.

Q: I have accepted my offer. Is there anything else I need to do?

A: No - stay safe under COVID-19 restrictions. Keep a regular eye on email and we will contact you again when anything changes or to invite you to enrolment.

Existing students

Q: Do I need to continue with my coursework and attend online lessons?

A: YES it is very important that you complete your study programme, attend online lessons and complete and submit all assignments by the deadlines set as this will affect your results and future success.

Q: I want to progress to the next level of my course at Stanmore College. How can I do that?

A: You need to complete your current programme. A letter was sent to existing students stating that, subject to completion of your current programme you will progress to the next level. If you do not wish to progress at Stanmore College you should let your personal tutor know. You will receive a letter in July inviting you to attend enrolment which starts on 20th August – you will be notified of the date that you should attend enrolment.

Q: I have not yet had a conversation with the Careers’ Adviser. How do I arrange one at this time?

A: If you have not chosen to apply to university and you have not had a conversation with the careers adviser we recommend that you email as soon as possible to arrange one.

11th May 2020

Latest guidance from the Department for Education

We have updated our guidance on the actions for further education colleges and providers during the coronavirus outbreak. This update includes new sections on high needs funding for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and traineeship flexibilities, updates on functional skills flexibility in apprenticeships and the acceptance of confirmation emails for qualification achievement from awarding organisations.

The guidance can be found here:

21st April 2020

NHS advice for parents on childhood illness during pandemic

20th April 2020

Please find below a DfE link, forwarded to us by Harrow Local Authority, which is a useful resource for parents:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe online

10th April 2020

From the DfE... Updated guidance for parents and carers on the closure of education settings

We have updated our guidance for parents and carers on the closure of educational settings to include information about the Easter holidays, examinations, and educational resources and support.

The guidance can be found here: •

4th April 2020

See link below to letter re. examinations from Ofqual:

1st April 2020 FYI Current students:

Dear Student

You should have received communication from the college that explains how we have moved to an on line learning environment. For those students who are under 18, please make sure you have read it and shared it with your parent/carer. The Stanmore College App can still be used for messaging between students and staff and to view your timetable. If you have not yet downloaded the App, it can be accessed via mobile app stores or your web browser, search for ‘Stanmore College’. Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 package that we provide free of charge to all students. Microsoft Teams will be used for our virtual classrooms. It can be installed on your phone via the app stores, any desktop or laptop computer, or you can access it via the web. Instructions are on StudySpace. See: More Information on Microsoft Teams

ALL students should logon on to MS Teams to take part in On-line lessons!

Your Teachers should be running lessons at the times on your usual timetable and you should be available on line to attend them at those times. Only by attending the lesson and engaging with tasks will you be marked present. Teachers may remind you over the app, by email or in Teams just before the lesson starts, but it your responsibility to be there on time when you are invited to join the virtual classroom. Microsoft Teams allows group meetings to take place and these are your ‘virtual classrooms’. Just like in ordinary times, your teachers are available to provide you with instruction and guidance during the set class time. Do not expect them to be available on demand outside of your class times. During your set lesson time you will be able to interact with and get guidance from your teacher. They will be telling you what they want you to do and setting you tasks. Those tasks may be within Microsoft teams or you might be directed to StudySpace or other resources.

Getting your register mark for your lessons

In order to be marked in the register as ‘present’ you need to have interaction with your teacher during the time of the lesson, and by completing the class tasks/activities. If you are ill, please notify your absence via the App or the absent line. If you have any issues with register marks for an individual lesson, please contact the teacher concerned by email or through Teams stating the day and time that the lesson took place. If you absolutely cannot attend the class at the time notify your teacher and let them know when you will send the relevant work to them.

If are experiencing any difficulties logging into the system, please contact your personal Tutor.

English and maths

Although the public examinations will not take place in the usual way your grade will be determined from the classroom work and work you submit to your teacher, therefore it is even more important that you attend these lessons and complete all the work set by your teachers.

Easter Break

The Easter break will be from when lessons finish on Friday, 3rd April until they resume on Monday, 20th April. Students should continue work on assignments and tasks as instructed by their teachers. Online classes will resume on Monday 20th April. If you have a revision class on your timetable you should still attend.

Have a good Easter and we wish you good health throughout these difficult times.

Yours faithfully

Stanmore College

31st March 2020

Department for Education - update on the government’s response to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

New guidance about safeguarding in schools and further education

We have published new guidance for schools and further education to support them to keep children safe, including online, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic:

Collection of guidance for educational settings on GOV.UK All of the Department for Education’s coronavirus guidance for educational settings can now be found in one place on GOV.UK at: •

Our main guidance for schools, the ‘school closures guidance’, will be regularly kept up-to-date. Any new advice for schools on specific issues, such as food, exams or safeguarding, will be linked from it: •

27th March 2020

Guidance on implementing social distancing in education and childcare settings

On 24 March, we published new guidance on how to implement social distancing in education and childcare settings. This guidance also gives advice for individuals in vulnerable health groups:

It is important to read this alongside the overall guidance for social distancing: •

School governance update We have published an update about school governance which includes guidance in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19): •

Resources for educational settings

We have updated our guidance for schools and other educational settings on how best to provide advice about coronavirus (COVID-19). A new poster resource is now available:

Collection of guidance for educational settings on GOV.UK

All of the Department for Education’s coronavirus guidance for educational settings can now be found in one place on GOV.UK:

Handwashing advice

The most important thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to wash their hands more often, for at least 20 seconds, with soap and water. Public Health England recommends that in addition to handwashing before eating, and after coughing and sneezing, everyone should also wash hands after using toilets and travelling on public transport. The latest guidance and video on hand washing can be found here:

Department for Education coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday to Sunday)

Experiencing high volumes of calls.

24th March 2020


The government has announced that there will be no primary school assessments (SATs) or secondary examinations (including Functional skills, GCSEs and A-Levels) this summer. The Department for Education (DfE) in conjunction with Ofqual has issued a statement which says that:

• Teachers will be asked to submit their judgements about the grade that they believe their students would have received if A-Level and GCSE examinations had gone ahead this summer. • Teachers will use a range of evidence, including mock examination results, course work and non-examination assessment, as well as other student data to help them do so. • These judgements will be used by examination boards to produce a ‘calculated grade’. • The grades awarded will reflect student performance as fairly as possible. • Calculated grades will be provided to students before the end of July. • In terms of a permanent record, the grades awarded in 2020 will be indistinguishable from those provided in other years. • 2020 examination grades awarded will not be used to judge school performance and no 2020 national performance tables will be published. • Students will be able to appeal the calculated grades they have been awarded and to sit examinations early in the next academic year, if they wish to do so. • Ofqual will work with examination boards to ensure this process is applied consistently. • Universities will operate similar arrangements to award degrees. However there will be no award ceremonies held in 2020. • Universities are expected to be flexible in supporting students’ entry to higher education.

With reference to vocational and technical qualifications not yet completed, the statement from the DfE says, ‘There is a very wide range of different vocational and technical qualifications as well as other academic qualifications for which students were expecting to sit examinations this summer. These are offered by a large number of awarding organisations, and have differing assessment approaches. In many cases students will already have completed modules or non-exam assessment which could provide evidence to award a grade. All Students need to continue to work online and successfully complete this academic year, so that staff can award them with the most appropriate “calculate grade” of their performance for 2019/20.

All Students are reminded that it is essential to successfully complete all work set in this current year in order to progress on into next year.

20th March 2020

The emergency decision of 18th March to close schools and colleges, and the cancellation of summer examinations, was unusual and truly unheard off. Staff in the College have received a high number of queries about the details of this announcement and the situation is changing at such a fast pace that there are still many unknowns and not enough answers at the moment. However, we will strive to answer as many questions as we can, and by working closely with colleagues in close contact with the Government and other official bodies, to keep you informed of the decisions made, when they happen and their implications.

The College will act based on the evidence, advice and the situation we face.

Staff in the College will work in the best interests of staff, students and our local community, and are putting measures in place to deal with these changes. We will maintain a number of key staff to manage corporate services and carry out other essential services.

For most students, the College will be closed for an indefinite period, with effect from midday, Thursday 19th March 2020, however some students will be advised to attend.


The advice received regarding public exams from the Office of Qualifications and Examination regulation (Ofqual) is that students should continue to prepare for examinations and other assessment as normal.

Further information on the current situation

The following websites and links below may be useful:

Stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

COVID-19: guidance on social distancing and for vulnerable people

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Overview – NHS

COVID-19: guidance for educational settings

I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that we are confident we are doing everything we can to support our students, staff and the local community. We appreciate that this is a difficult time for everyone and will send out further communications when information is available.

We truly thank you all for your support and we echo the following words of Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education, who has asked for this message to be passed to all those who work in the education sector:

“The government recognises the huge importance of the role you have played in maintaining the education, training and social care of our children and young people during this challenging time. I recognise that you will have the same anxieties as the rest of the country about your health and that of your families. On behalf of the Prime Minister and the entire government, I thank you all for all of your work so far, and your continued support. I am deeply grateful for the civic spirit and dedication of everyone working in education, and I will continue to provide my full support throughout this crisis.”

Our priorities are to save lives, to protect student achievement, and to ensure that students have a place in College next September. When this crisis is over we can get back together, so in the meantime keep safe.

Best wishes

Sarbdip Noonan Principal

Department for Education coronavirus helpline

The Department for Education coronavirus helpline is available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education and children’s social care. Staff, parents and young people can contact this helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687

Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday), 10am to 4pm (Saturday to Sunday)