Worried about your GCSEs creeping up? 04/02/2019

GCSEs are creeping up, and with that, the worry about what if you haven't done enough revision or can't remember the right answers when you're sitting in the exam.

You're not alone; every year, countless GCSE students worry about their exams and, while a small amount of stress can motivate you to revise, you need to look after yourself and deal with stress to ensure it doesn't negatively affect your performance.

Too much stress causes headaches, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and an increased heart rate. Sleep helps you remember what you've revised so making sure you get 8 hours of sleep each night is more important now than ever.

Eating healthy food and avoiding stimulants like coffee or cola will help replenish your body and mind, and taking some exercise will help you concentrate after it.

However, it's not all don't do this, don't do that -- did you know dark chocolate releases endorphins and fights off the stress hormone cortisol?

Listening to music can help you start each day's revision -- classical music is said to improve brain power, or if you prefer, practicing meditation by giving your mind some space and closing your eyes for a short while before you start can help you focus better when you are studying.

Your revision plan is most likely already underway. Just to mention, there are lots of mobile apps you can download for free to help you structure it if it's not going well; just search for free mobile revision apps, or use a hard copy revision timetable -- simply ticking off what you've done each day feels good!

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If the amount of revision you have to do is too much, try prioritising and write quick summaries at the end of each topic to see if you can remember the key points on no more than one page of A4 paper. These quick summaries could be a big help and trigger recollection the night before an exam. It's important to understand how to deal with stress so that the pressure doesn't become too much and feeling tired and weak isn't good for brain function or staying positive.

Try to ensure you are doing all or some of the above to keep worries at bay -- if you can't help worrying about what you'll do if you don't get the results you want, spend one of your much needed breaks considering alternatives.

There’s more than one route to most careers. In fact, you could also apply to college even if you have already applied elsewhere and keep your options open.