What is ESOL? 11/03/2021

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Improving your English can help you get more out life in the UK. These courses will help you increase independence, as well as develop the language skills you need for everyday life, employment and further studies.

ESOL is also a great way to reassure employers that you have good English skills.The course will teach you every day English, including punctuation and grammar. It will help you talk to English Speakers and gain professional qualifications.

Before you can enrol on an ESOL course you need to attend an assessment to determine your level. Your level of English will be determined by a reading and writing assessment and an interview. You need to book an appointment by calling reception on 0208 420 7700

esol leaflet 2021 march

You can view all of our ESOL courses below

ESOL Plus Study Programme

Entry Level 1 ESOL Skills for Life

Entry Level 2 ESOL Skills for Life

Level 2 ESOL Skills for Life