Social Media - A positive or negative impact? 21/02/2018

We can all agree when I say 'Social Media is taking over the world', right?

Last Wednesday, Katherine Sellgren wrote a BBC News article about The Commons Science and Technology Committee deciding to investigate the impact of social media and screens on the younger generation. It's something we all wonder time to time and is surely a concern to our society.

On one side, some of the younger generations are so focused on what they see and read on social media that they don't communicate or treat one another in the right way. Many of us nowadays feel that the younger generation occupy themselves with social media so much that everything they come across online is how they need to look or behave. But this is not how any of us should be growing up to think or follow.

Chairman Norman Lamb mentioned, "We want to determine the scale of the issues -- separating out the understandable concerns from the hard evidence, and to identify what practical measures people are already taking to boost the benefits and blunt the potential harms". He also provides the encouragement to schools, young people, the industry and the government to speak about the topic and share their thoughts, which is something that needs to be done to raise awareness of this topic.

On the other hand, we actually need social media! We may think we don't, but social media is used to increase the awareness of our businesses. We live in a brand focused society and if social media was not there how would we let people know what's new or what's happening? Every business has at least one social media platform so what would we really do without it?

Both sides are valid and the investigation makes a lot of sense but in the end, we are going to always need social media!