National Video Games Day! 12/09/2018

Every year on this very date, National Video Games Day is celebrated in mainly the United States but who said we can't make it as big in England? The day is filled with new games, retro games, snacks and so much more!

Our Media and Publishing department made sure that the Animation and Games Design students will have the chance to celebrate today the right way... (playing a huge variety of video games).

Students playing Tekken

Two of the students shared their opinions and thoughts on video games/gaming:

What's your favourite game and why?

"GTA definitely, because it's an open world"

"Skyrim, because it's a role playing game and it's an open world so you don't just do one thing. Plus you can make your own characters"

Why do you think gaming is such a big thing?

"It's fun and you get to leave any stress behind for a while"

"Something fun to do. It's like a board game but more fleshed out. People love films, a game is like your in a real life movie and can just be someone else for a while"

Have you ever built any strong friendships through just playing a game?

"Yeah I have and I get together with friends and play video games"

Why do you personally play video games?

"It's a fun way to spend my time. Plus my favourite games are RPGs, where you can be someone else and experience things without actually going through them in reality"

I think we can all agree that video games have such a big impact on many people/society.

National Video Games Day

So if you love video games, be sure to get involved and have fun! Happy #NationalVideoGamesDay!