How can Stanmore College help you? 19/02/2019

Education and skills for the working world – how can Stanmore College help you?

At Stanmore College, we are geared up to support you to step up to the next challenge in your life. We want you to be proud, to be the best you can be and we will work hard to help you do it. In return, we want you to work equally hard but also enjoy the study programme you are doing, attend and turn up on time (if you’re not here you can’t learn)! Yes, there will be bad days but there will be good days too; if you do your best every day knowing you’re supported and people want you to succeed, you will surprise yourself and even exams won’t seem quite so bad.

In addition to making yourself proud, finding new friends and getting a qualification, through work experience and embracing the challenges that come your way, you’ll have opportunities to gain the confidence, experience, contacts and skills that employers want.

Going to College will give you a head start when it comes to finding a job, apprenticeship or securing a university place. It’s a mix of excellent education and the real world skills that employers look for. A qualification may get you an interview but it’s the real world experience and skills (positive attitude, self-management, people skills, willingness and resilience) that will get you the job.

English and maths are vitally important to employers so, for those students who didn’t get English and/or maths at GCSE level, we will put you on a programme to help you progress regardless of the level you start at. We won’t patronise you, we’ll treat you as an individual, yes we may push you to crack on, but in a supportive way.

We run an annual careers fair to give our students access to universities, employers from a wide variety of sectors and public services careers (there are lots of careers in the navy, fire brigade, NHS, police force and ambulance service) as well as industry. We also have a range of Higher Education courses delivered right here at Stanmore College in partnership with the University of Portsmouth. Students here find out about jobs and career routes that they may never had considered before and it helps to make decisions about what to do after college.

We want you to feel inspired, to choose a route that you will enjoy and be good at, to overcome your fears and self-doubt by doing your best even on the bad days and eventually to leave us with a CV full of experiences and skills as well as a qualification and the confidence to live the life you deserve. It doesn’t matter where you have come from or how your experience has been so far, it’s about moving forward and making your future the very best it can be.