Engineering students visit Royal Air Force Museum 05/05/2017

Monday, 6th March saw Level 3 Engineering students embark on a tour to the RAF museum where they grasped knowledge on the aviation industry and how the engine of a plane works.

The guided tour helped students explore recent developments in aviation and applied electronics, gaining in-depth knowledge of flights and it's functioning.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the trip, which took them back in time of war planes from the past 100 years, restored WW1 fighters, seaplanes and jet aircrafts from the Cold War's earliest days, and the F-35.

Royal air force museum plane's

The Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum is Britain's only national museum dedicated wholly to aviation. With a world-class aircraft collection, integrated with special exhibitions, films, interactives, artwork, engines, missiles, photographs, uniforms, medals and research and education facilities, the Museum takes an innovative approach while keeping with tradition. While offering an insight into aviation technology, it focuses on the people who made it possible -- from daredevil early aviators, through wartime heroes, to the thousands of Service men and women whose contribution shaped the world we live in today.