Engineering students fascinating projects 10/05/2021

It has been fascinating to see the interesting project work being undertaken by Level 3 Engineering learners. Check out below just some of the work our super clever Engineering students have been undertaking:

Motorcycle anti-theft security system This system prevents the theft of motorcycles. The anti-theft warning circuit of the motorcycle includes the trigger circuit and the alarm circuit. Once the alarm is activated, it sends signal by mobile phone to alert the owner when the motorcycle is being forced to move by anyone else.

Smart Mirror For my project I came up with the idea to create a Smart Mirror, which displays information such as time, date and weather, along with a message for the person when they use the Mirror. My primary reason for building this project is because everyone uses mirrors to get ready, and some people spend a lot of time in front of the mirror getting ready and may lose track of time, or can get caught by surprise when it starts raining later in the afternoon. The smart mirror will display all the necessary information to the user, without having to check their phone for the same information.

Automated Water Sprinklers The idea/project is for Automated Water Sprinklers which operate to ensure the earth/grass surrounding them is always hydrated and moist via soil resistance.??Without monitoring, 'green' gardens (large/small area) experience plants deterioration/dehydration as a result of the weather and other alternating factors daily. Gardeners and others are not always present to monitor their plants which require daily/weekly attention. The Automated Water Sprinklers requires very little attention or maintenance. All garden owners would benefit from using this product, to control the moisture level of their garden, whether away for a short period of time e.g. going to work or shopping or for longer periods e.g. holidays.

Vehicle Proximity Signal When dealing with a large of amount of vehicle activity at different times, a highway alert signal lamp is an essential requirement. Used all over the world, highway alert signal lamps emit tricolor light for approximately 30 seconds that turn off when another vehicle comes into close proximity or overtakes. Highway alert signal lamps are designed for extra precautionary purposes at night to avoid accidents and when your vehicle is on the side of the highway for a multitude of reasons. This new advancement in safety technology is crucial as many accidents happen in the highway due to carelessness, and this new innovative alerting system is very sensitive and cost effective.

This type of work enables students to develop their skills in a relevant and meaningful way. Judging from the skills, knowledge and talent, it would be no surprise if we find ourselves watching Stanmore College students pitching their inventions on a future episode of Dragons Den! Well done Engineering!

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