Can you get into university if you study a BTEC? 31/05/2017

YES! More than 100,000 BTEC students apply to UK universities each year. There are two pathways from which BTECs can help students progress to university degrees:

  • BTEC level 3 -- equivalent of studying A-levels and provides access to a degree programme in the first year.
  • BTEC level 4 HNC and level 5 HND -- can provide access to degree programmes in the second or even the final year of a course.

**Points to note: **

  • BTEC students who achieve good grades are just as sought after as A level students with good results.
  • BTEC students have experience of real-life practical tasks and work placements which provides an advantage. These work placements enhance UCAS applications to many higher level courses; practical experience stands for a lot.
  • If you know what degree you would like to do to reach your chosen career, why not check out the entry requirements on the university websites for the course(s) you are interested in. At Stanmore College we have careers staff who would be happy to help you if you need it, even if you are not yet a Stanmore College student!
  • Entry criteria can vary from university to university so it is a good idea to check if you are unclear.
  • If you have studied a BTEC in one subject area you can still apply for a different subject at university e.g. studying a BTEC in Science could lead to a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, nursing, psychology, social work, food science or zoology to name but a few examples.

Did you know:

95% of universities and colleges in the UK accept BTEC students. This includes many competitive universities from the Russell Group (a group of universities with a shared focus on reputation, academic achievement and research).