Apprenticeships – Getting the best of both worlds! 22/02/2018

Apprenticeships simply mean learning on the job, in other words getting the best of both worlds. There are so many options and types of apprenticeships out there and Stanmore College offers a range for you to get stuck into from September 2018.

Many of you will know that the apprenticeship levy did in fact complicate everything but, in recent news, Anne Milton revealed some interesting facts about what the government will be aiming for in just 2 years. In 2017 there was a fall of 26% in apprenticeship starters than the previous year, but the government are set on hitting their target of 3m apprenticeship starts by 2020. This would mean around 50,000 starters a month.

Can they really achieve that?

As a college that provides apprenticeships, we believe this can be achieved and we will focus on helping those students gain the skills they need through Apprenticeships. Anne Milton stated "We've done some proper investigation. These things take time, and it's only been a year. But the providers are waiting in the wings ready to go". Just reading that gives us all the positive mind that apprenticeships are again becoming a popular route!

How is Stanmore College involved?

September 2018 is going to be such an exciting month for not only us but every person wanting to get involved in this particular route. We offer Digital Marketing, Accounting and Early Years apprenticeships and will be widening that offer to include Business Administration, Customer Service, Management and I.T. and that is just the beginning. So, why should you choose an apprenticeship over anything else you may ask? There are so many perks to this route from earning whilst you learn, gaining a recognised qualification, receiving holiday pay, support during training and so many more!

But why should you choose us?

If that wasn't enough to get you engrossed just keep reading...

Stanmore College offer apprenticeships that are aligned with the 'Employability Skills Framework' (providing you with skills that employers would want), we're passionate and committed to giving you the best learning environment and our tutors and assessors have real-life industry experience.

What about Employers?

As for employers, Stanmore is a small college which provides the opportunity for you to get to know and deal with the same professionals thus preventing time wastage and ensuring that the needs of your organisation take priority. You too can get the best of both worlds -- keen and knowledgeable employees and efficiency.

For information, Apprenticeship week is from the 5th March! So register here or call us on 0208 420 7700.