6 reasons to come to an open day 09/10/2015

1. Explore the College Get familiar with the College, check out the library, IT rooms, sports facilities and canteen. Find out if there are any special facilities for your particular course. To achieve your best, you need to be comfortable in your environment.

2. Explore your course and meet your teachers Find out what your chosen courses entail so you can pick the best one for you. Are they coursework based, do they involve practical work, is there an exam? Will this course help you with future goals such as getting into university? Speak to potential teachers about intensity of the course or teaching hours per week. Does the course excite you? If so, maybe it’s the right one!

3. Meet current students What could be a better way to really find out about the College! Find out what current students think, what the courses are really like, and what past students have achieved after studying at Stanmore.

4. Extracurricular activities Find out what extracurricular activities the College offers. Not only can they help you relax whilst building new skills, universities and employers look for students who have passions outside the classroom too.

5. Get honest advice Is the course you’re looking at really for you? Are you worried you might not be good at it, or could there be something else you could be doing that you haven’t considered? Our teachers and advisors will give you honest advice. After all, we want you to make the best decisions for you.

6. Location & atmosphere Can you see yourself spending a lot of time at this college? What is the travelling time? Is there a local bus or train? Any nearby amenities? If you feel happy, comfortable, even excited, then you have probably found the right college for you!