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Do you or your staff use Word, Outlook, Excel etc? 09/11/2015

microsoft-office-specialist-text.jpg Gain the qualification / get recognised! Businesses everywhere need staff who can use Microsoft's suite of office products in order to succeed and function efficiently. A strong, working knowledge of these programmes i... Read More

Stereotypes in Science 05/11/2015

Bad skin cream If I tried to sell you a skin cream that moisturised your skin and also made the manufacturer some money; then I also told you it would give you a rash, would you buy it? Female engineers in the UK Thought not, and perhaps this is how we ha... Read More

6 reasons to come to an open day 09/10/2015

1. Explore the College Get familiar with the College, check out the library, IT rooms, sports facilities and canteen. Find out if there are any special facilities for your particular course. To achieve your best, you need to be comfortable in your environ... Read More

Figuring out what to do with your life? 11/09/2015

For many young people, this question can become a huge conundrum as it seems such a life changing decision that so much depends on. In reality, it's all about perception. A young student could perceive all the different possibilities as opportunities or a... Read More

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