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National Video Games Day! 12/09/2018

Every year on this very date, National Video Games Day is celebrated in mainly the United States but who said we can't make it as big in England? The day is filled with new games, retro games, snacks and so much more!Our Media and Publishing department ma... Read More

Attendance Incentive Awards 17/07/2018

There for the takingHere at Stanmore College, we believe in supporting you to gain qualifications, improve your career prospects and make employers and/or universities want you!Our mission is to provide high quality teaching and learning so that learners ... Read More

Apprenticeships – Getting the best of both worlds! 22/02/2018

Apprenticeships simply mean learning on the job, in other words getting the best of both worlds. There are so many options and types of apprenticeships out there and Stanmore College offers a range for you to get stuck into from September 2018.Many of you... Read More

Social Media - A positive or negative impact? 21/02/2018

We can all agree when I say 'Social Media is taking over the world', right?Last Wednesday, Katherine Sellgren wrote a BBC News article about The Commons Science and Technology Committee deciding to investigate the impact of social media and screens on the... Read More

Get paid to study! 11/10/2017

Apprenticeships are a great way to get ahead on the career ladder. They enable you to learn by doing rather than learning through theory in a class room. This a much more practical way of learning as you gain first-hand experience in your chosen career se... Read More

Confused about the new GCSE grading system? 06/07/2017

A numerical system of 9-1 will replace the current system of A- G. 9 will be the highest achievable grade (formerly A) and 1 will be being the lowest. However, grade U will still be used for those who do not achieve the minimum requirements for grade 1.Gr... Read More

Can you get into university if you study a BTEC? 31/05/2017

YES! More than 100,000 BTEC students apply to UK universities each year. There are two pathways from which BTECs can help students progress to university degrees: BTEC level 3 -- equivalent of studying A-levels and provides access to a degree programme in... Read More

Stanmore STEM ambassadors impress Greek guests 31/05/2017

Wednesday, 10th May saw a group of students from Greece, accompanied by their teachers, visit Stanmore College where Stanmore's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) students worked with them to introduce them to a variety of experiments using... Read More

Considering the vocational way for a STEM career 30/05/2017

In the first instance, deciding to study a STEM course is, in itself, spot-on. In a world that's becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with that knowledge, it's more important than ever fo... Read More

Sport students set to take on Portugal in Summer 25/05/2017

Stanmore College has been invited to play in the Under 19's Albufeira summer cup 2017 in Algarve, Portugal.In June, 15 players will represent the College for the tournament that will take place over 4 days. The College has previously participated in this ... Read More

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