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It's NOT too late to learn 20/09/2021

early years blog post sept 2021 v2 IT'S NOT TOO LATE - Enrol on our wide range of care related courses today! People working in all types of care use the following skills: Stamina and energy Patience and tolerance Creativity Enthusiasm Decision making Com... Read More

Engineering students fascinating projects 10/05/2021

It has been fascinating to see the interesting project work being undertaken by Level 3 Engineering learners. Check out below just some of the work our super clever Engineering students have been undertaking: Motorcycle anti-theft security system This sys... Read More

What is ESOL? 11/03/2021

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Improving your English can help you get more out life in the UK. These courses will help you increase independence, as well as develop the language skills you need for everyday life, employment and ... Read More

Why you should study T levels after GCSEs 01/03/2021

The ‘Next Level Qualification’ is coming to Stanmore College in September 2021. Students can study T-Levels after GCSEs and this is equivalent to studying three A levels. They provide high-quality technical alternative to academic exams. T levels suit stu... Read More

Making remote learning work for you 08/02/2021

Making remote learning work for you Whether you're among the masses who are learning remotely throughout lockdown, a distance learner or catching up on learning, it can be quite the adjustment from the classroom. Although learning remotely gives a lot of ... Read More

Mental health is just as important as physical 12/11/2020

Mental health is just as important as your physical health, therefore we should look after it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many ways we can take a minute to unwind. mental health blog pic Staying at home Many of us have been spending a lo... Read More

What next? 22/10/2020

Figuring out what to do with your life? Many young people find this stressful as it seems like such a life changing decision that so much depends on. In reality, it’s all about perception. A young student could perceive all the different possibilities a... Read More

What next after your GCSES? 19/08/2020

What next after your GCSES? Although Year 11 marks the end of your school days you are still required to stay in education or training until the age of 18. Your options include: Full time study at college or 6th forms such as A-Levels, BTECS and more. An ... Read More

Options after GCSEs 04/03/2020

Options after GCSEs If you’re in Year 11, you are probably used to hearing you need to think seriously about your choices and what you want to do after you leave school. There are a few things to consider such as where you live, what grades you’re predict... Read More

Stressed by GCSE Mock Results? 09/01/2020

Year 11 is always a stressful year for many students. The thoughts of sitting exams this year, having recently undertaken mock exams and school parent evenings can all seem too much. For some, mock exams will have provided reassurance that they are on tra... Read More

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